Thursday, 6 June 2013

HARLEQUIN eBook Haul....

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Come What May (Heartbeat #2) - Introduction and Giveaway!!!

Adam is through with love.

He unravels blaming himself for what happened with Katie.

His final moments with her echo through his nightmares.

She owns him body and soul.

To dull the pain, Adam invites a string of women into his bed. Fueled by alcohol and desperation, his meaningless hook-ups provide little comfort. When he closes his eyes, it's Katie he sees.

The only one who helps to ease his guilt somewhat is Jada. But as his new ambulance partner, Adam considers her off limits. He doesn't want to get seriously involved with anyone, much less her. Yet he can't stop fantasizing about the feel of her caramel skin against his.

Despite his intentions, Adam's bond with Jada deepens as they respond to a series of emotional calls. Their mutual attraction becomes undeniable. But how can he give his heart to Jada when it still belongs to Katie?
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Book Signing: Leila Howland - Author of Nantucket Blue - Giveaway

From a reading nurse blog:
Yesterday was a signing that I had been really looking forward to. I had heard great things about Nantucket Blue from a lot of bloggers that I follow and thought it would be a perfect book for a summer read. And I was thrilled to find out that the author Leila Howland was going to be at the Huntington Barnes and Nobles on a Thursday. So I gathered up my usual troops and we head down there for the signing. But this signing was extra special because we got to bring my friend's 4 year old son Dean with us.

When we got there we started talking to a girl in front of us about books and different signings that we went to or planned to attend. I had a feeling she was a blogger, because she had an ARC of Nantucket Blue with her. She also looked familiar, but I had assumed I had just seen her at different signings. But when I got home I realized that she was Rachel from The Reader's Den so I quickly sent her a note on Goodreads to say Hi. Its just amazing to me how great the YA blogging/reading community is and how you can always run into people you follow or have discussed books with at a signing.

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